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I highly recommend HJ’s Editing Services.”

– Justin Holley

Proofreading corrects indisputable errors only. Proofreading catches silly mistakes that grammar and spell check can't find, but a trained eye will. Proofreading is the last step before going to print and happens after a thorough copyedit. Proofreading ensures mechanical accuracy and consistency.​ HJ's Editing Services may reject a request to proofread if a copyedit or substantive edit proves a better tool for the job based on the document's content, accuracy, and clarity.

Proofreading corrects:

  • Misspelled words 

  • Incorrect or missing punctuation

  • Incorrect or missing capitalization

  • Typographical mistakes

  • Mechanical mistakes

  • ​Rogue spacing

$.01 - .015 per word


​​Copyediting includes proofreading plus a close inspection of style and consistency. I will apply the rules of the applicable style guide (CMS, APA, AP). I will individualize corrections while maintaining the credibility and voice of your work. I will analyze the language, grammar, clarity, readability, and consistency of the content, and I will offer suggestions and improvements. I will fact-check for commonly understood information and provide a style sheet for easy reference.May include developmental suggestions.

Includes proofreading plus identifies:

  • ​Possible copyright violations​​

  • Passive voice

  • Formatting inconsistencies and errors​

  • Content errors

  • ​Incorrect or inconsistent facts

  • Repetitive, awkward, or confusing sentence structure and word usage

$.02 - .025 per word 

Substantive editing includes copyediting, plus an in-depth look at the text's logic and flow. This process is akin to having a writing coach at your service. The most all-inclusive type of editing, substantive editing requires two complete edits; one edit will be developmental in nature, and one will fine-tune the work through copyediting. For a fiction writer, I will analyze point of view, plot, dialogue, and characterization. I will provide a style sheet for easy reference.

Includes copyediting plus identifies:

  • Telling -vs- showing

  • Point of view inconsistencies

  • Awkward/confusing sentence and paragraph organization​​

  • Speedy or slow narrative flow​

  • Character and setting holes

  • Faulty logic

$.03 - .035 per word 


“Heather is an amazing ally. Since working with Heather, I've seen a tremendous improvement in word usage, paragraph volume and rhythm, and a much more concise body in my novels. It only took a few edited pages to realize I needed her skill. I'm happy with the results and much more confident in my own skill thanks to her. When I dared consider myself a good writer, Heather showed me I have much to learn and, in one novel, made me a better author than I thought I'd ever be.” ​​
– Javier Robayo, ​author The Gaze


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