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“Heather is an amazing ally. I’m more confident in my own skill thanks to her.”
Javier Robayo​​​​​

About me


As founder of HJ’s Editing Services, I provide all levels of editing with accuracy, agility, and acuity. I care for each manuscript as if it were my own. I will not sugarcoat the truth, nor will I cut corners to save time. I thrive on digging in and dirtying up my hands. As one client said, “If you want someone to tell you how good your writing is, don't look here. But if you want honest feedback and great critical editing, Heather is your editor.”


I graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English Literature and Composition in 2001. I also have a certificate in copyediting from UCSD. I am currently working on obtaining certification in technical communication through UCSD. I have spoken as a guest editor at the 2015 CritShop Writing Workshop for LGBT Fiction in Berlin.


I provide clients with thorough feedback from overall effectiveness to em dashes. I will communicate with you beforehand to ensure you understand the process. I will communicate with you during editing to establish clarity and confidence. Then I will communicate with you post-editing to answer your questions, explain my edits, encourage you, or help you market your masterpiece—whatever you need. In fact, if you decide not to deal with the darn thing anymore, you can hire me as your ghostwriter instead. 


I specialize in fiction, but I also excel in the nonfiction realm. My flexibility in successfully editing historical fiction, memoir, gay romance, paranormal romance, poetry, horror, and children’s literature has helped my clients become bestsellers, award winners, and award nominees.  


If I ever manage to pry myself from the computer’s clutches, I may be found whipping up a vegetarian meal, reading how-to books on surviving life with teenagers, or planning my next visit to a poetry slam or music venue.


At your service,


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Heather Jacquemin​​

“Not only is Heather detail oriented, but she understands the craft of writing and what components make a good story, offering insight that worked to strengthen my manuscript.”

Anyta Sunday

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