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I think of my editor as part of my brain—an essential—because we writers (even award-winning ones) never catch all our own boo-boos. We’re too close to our “babies” for that. Only a qualified grammarian and visionary “creative” can help us truly soar; the grammarian for obvious reasons, but it’s the creative who’s capable of seeing a story’s basic structure (or lack thereof), and feeling the pacing, and hearing dialogue’s misplaced punch or pathos. I won’t let a story leave my out box without Heather’s input. She not only renders manuscripts brilliantly clean, but offers fresh, intelligent insights that make an author’s work just that much better. 

Lee Fullbright, author and Geisel Award winner, The Angry Woman Suite


I loved working with Heather! She was very agreeable and willing to help me out in a pinch when I needed it. I also appreciated how quickly she did everything, helping to take the edge off a stressful situation with a book that was needing to be edited and proofread fast, and she was good about keeping an open dialog with me concerning the changes in my book. Very efficient!


Lacey Weatherford, author #1 Best Selling YA Contemporary, Chasing Nikki


Heather has the training, skill, patience, and commitment to go beyond the call of duty when it comes to improving the author's voice as well as the mechanics, structure, and character development. Heather proved absolutely invaluable when it came to editing My Two Flags, guiding me through the emotional maelstroms that affected my objectivity. I’m a much better writer thanks to her critiques, her encouragement, her attention to detail, and her involvement in making a good script a memorable one.


Javier Robayo, author My Two Flags​

I searched high and low for a proofreader to be the final part of my editing team. I needed someone grammar-obsessed with a knack for details, and with Heather I found that perfect match. Not only is she detail-oriented, but she understands the craft of writing and what components make a good story, offering insight that worked to strengthen my manuscript. I look forward to working with her on my next novels, and happily recommend her to others.

Anyta Sunday, author Taboo For You


Upon meeting Heather I was a nervous wreck. I had already been to other editors who weren't the real deal, lacking in most all areas. Heather and I had a chance to communicate several times via email and she kept up with my questions. After receiving my first round of edits, I was in shock. Not so much because of Heather's lovely red markings, but because none of the other authors touched my book the same way. She was very open and honest with me, and I appreciated her straight forward approach. I am a new author and needed someone who would tell me what I needed to fix. I will be using her services again and appreciate the valuable experience she taught me during this time.

S.M. Knowles, author Awakening Dream




Heather Jacquemin was a godsend! The service provided was efficient and professional. In fact, Ms. Jacquemin provided more than what I expected. The quality of HJ’s Editing Services work was exceptional; she provided me with a clean, polished finished product which I was very proud to present to my readers.

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan, author Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy




Heather is a gifted editor who makes good work better. She is skilled, intuitive, and insightful.

Ron Vincent, author Mother's Day




Thank you Editor Heather for kicking my manuscript’s ever-loving *ss. I highly recommend HJ’s Editing Services. Heather pulls no punches, which is what all authors need to make their manuscripts shine their brightest. If you want someone to tell you how good your writing is, don’t look here. But if you want honest feedback and great critical editing, Heather is your editor. Your manuscript will be all-the-better for it and you won’t be sorry!

Justin Holley, author Bruised

I hired Heather to take an old novel, Age of Aether, and work her magic on the manuscript. I wanted someone I could jam with in an artistic sense. Brian May of Queen credits their sound engineer as “the unsung hero of this whole thing”—the guy who makes the harmonies and different musical styles uniquely Queen. He wasn't just the sound engineer. The same goes for a great editor, and that was exactly what Heather provided. She didn’t change the story, but she made the story flow. She fixed my grammatical quirks and rid the book of things obviously illogical—all while preserving the inherent whimsy and nonsensical order of a fantasy world concocted with its own internal “logic” and specialized, eccentric vocabulary. I was extremely happy with what Heather returned to me! She is very good at what she does! She is easy to work with and communicate with. She respects your work, seeking only to improve it, not impose her views upon it.

Mark Jeffrey, author Timewarden


I was fortunate enough to find Heather during my arduous search for an editor. During the process of Heather's substantive edit of my fiction manuscript, I found her to be an ‘attention to detail’ kind of editor. Not only did she provide in-depth analysis of the manuscript’s errors and inconsistencies, but she sought my input on even minor changes. Her ability to condense the wording of sentences without impacting the voice of the text is a feat in and of itself. Heather’s invaluable insight of the plot led to ideas that ultimately strengthened the manuscript, and I’ll be making use of her skills in the foreseeable future.

Linda Abankwa, author In-Between Earth

Heather is a supremely talented editor. She is highly intelligent, fun to work with, accessible and communicative, brings a playful sense of humor, and is suitably ruthless. She trimmed away excess verbiage in my manuscript with the precision of a surgeon, showing me both that she understood what I was doing and that she could help me execute it more effectively. She also thoroughly analyzed my manuscript at a meta-level and mapped out where I needed to try harder. Working with Heather was appropriately painful at times, like an invigorating exercise regime. Crossing paths with her vastly improved my manuscript and taught me how to be a better writer. She is a joy, a teacher, and a gift.

Eric Borgerson, author When the Eye Sees Itself

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